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What our customers say about us

Kendra P.

Sustainability is very important, especially given the amount of waste and pollution caused by the fashion industry. "disposable clothes" as I like to refer to things you purchase inexpensively and have to repurchase year after year after year are the worst for mother nature. Using bamboo, one of the most sustainable resources, to create something that looks like silk is amazing.These pieces will last, and they are so beautiful. It's an investment that makes sense!

Catherine J.

The design was the first thing that drew me to the brand. Beautiful, flowing and honoring a woman's body. Simple with just gorgeous colors.

I own several of these beautiful skirts (Calypso, Aura) in different fabrics and patterns and I wear them practically everyday. They are so versatile and still cool and sexy. Such a great discovery!

Lauri S.

Elegant without being fussy or “done” It’s rare to see. I love everything so much💕 already worn the white button down twice. On Saturday night with my navy maroon skirt and Sunday night with black:)

I LOVE the Paloma pants too and of course the Brizo white shirt. I can never have enough of them. I just ordered another now I will have the white in every size. Thank you!


I felt from that one brief interaction that you had been around fashion so the quality would be A+! And it was.... beautifully constructed with quality material! I’m partial to classics because we have been consumed by trends. Classic designs with a twist are what WE will always be able to depend on, beautiful garments that can transition and last!